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Updated: Jul 17

It was recommended by my business advisor to start a blog and who am I to argue. I'm a professional photographer and videographer from Greater Manchester with 7+ years experience.

Who am I?

I often go by Dread or Wolf online but more info can be found in the about section of the website. I'm a professional photographer who has recently moved to Greater Manchester and recently discovered a taste for all things kink and fetish. I don't claim to be an expert in these fields more an enthusiastic amateur. I seek to explore this (what is to me) a new world as much as I can. As an artist I see this culture as an expression of people true selves, of who they want to be. From the weekend fetishists who like to experiment all the way to those who live and breathe it. The whole scene/ community is a wonderfully beautiful and diverse place and I want to help people see that.

What I do?

I am a professional photographer and videographer based in and around Manchester. My bread and butter is fetish portraiture, commercial and promotional photography, these things are my specialities although I have been known to shoot weddings, events and other so called "normal" things. I love photographing people from the fetish community whether it is the visually stunning, shiny, smooth skin of a rubber drone, the beautifully textured uniform of a Leatherman on the hunt, the playful pup in the best hood and harness hoping to impress or, a furry all suited up to go out on the prowl. I love it all and I want to get behind the camera photographing all you amazing people as much as I can.


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